Success story


Kompass is an application that leads the users towards the life-coaching routes (courses) that are provided by Naomi and Barbele. The app also includes a web shop that has incredibly creative products that contribute user’s need to their life path of success. This project also includes 7 websites filled with incredible coaching content and interactions.


Our journey with Compagnon de Route was really exciting. When they reached us, they wanted to improve their business by implementing automatization and only wanted one website for their blogs. We explained to them the privileges and possibilities they could get from digitizing their business on another level and together with their creativity and our expertise, we came up with the perfect plan.


We designed the product following the clients’ own sketches to maintain the authenticity of their idea at the same time suggesting improvements for user friendly experience. They had an unique graphic style in which they present their brand. Our challenge was to incorporate that style in our design across all platforms. We delivered to them an outstanding design at the same time preserving their specific brand identity in order for their users to recognize and experience it in the best possible way.


We developed the product on several platforms including Android and iOS application and Web sites including blog pages and Web shop. We used Firebase as a storage for the routes (courses) and the other additional data. Magento 2 was used for their Web shop where the users can purchase the courses and the additional supplements for their future voyage to the route of life made simple. Additionally, for the Web shop we integrated Mollie as a payment system, added tracking analytics through Mixpanel and Helpshift for support.


End product

Hard work really paid off. Finishing our plan, we provided our clients with a successful launch of their mobile application called Kompass, 7 websites including blogs and a web shop. The authentic application seamlessly represents their branding providing their users with extremely helpful and creative content. The application’s purpose is for the users to reach the content, courses and additional materials on the go. The websites, each with its specific cantrip, provide the users a glimpse of Compagnon de Route’s world and a burning desire to join them on the path to success.


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