Success story


Letz is the award-winning tasks reminder and work organizer app that fits everybody’s life and adapts to every need and daily habit. Lucy is your personal virtual assistant that helps you run your day smoothly. It is based on the Artificial Intelligence to empower professional productivity for individuals.


Many people nowadays struggle with remembering daily tasks and find it difficult being productive in their busy and messy life that they lead. The idea with Letz was to create a friendly AI powered chatbot that shows people the fun side of being productive and helps them with the daily challenge of being organized.


We designed Letz appropriately making the conversational user interface the main focus and the central point of the user experience. Lucy was made incorporating our own ideas on a canvas, at the same time following latest platform guidelines for the target platforms. We designed Letz to have three main swipeable screens: the task list, the chat and the options, in order to create easy and seamless navigation between the conversation and the main functionalities of the product.


We developed Letz to work on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Web and messenger. By developing our proprietary AI tech based on Recurrent Neural Networks and machine learning, we gave the bot a personality and a human touch in the interaction. Additionally, developing our own NLP algorithm we significantly boost the accuracy, fluency, and speed of text entry on mobile and computing devices also making it possible to learn new languages fast without vast amount of data.


End Product

The end product was Lucy, the AI powered chatbot that talks like a real personal assistant and serves to people who work for themselves like contractors, freelancers, entrepreneurs. With her irresistible, funny personality she is always there to cheer up the day and help people through their productivity challenges. Letz has won many awards including the prestigious Product of the year by Product Hunt beating Google, Duolingo and many other competitors.

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