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Naomi and Barbele are two incredible, creative, entrepreneurial women that both through their work give meaning to life, each in her own way they come to the core and carry out motivating life experiences. Barbele through imagery. Naomi through interpretation of images. Their mission is to inspire people to follow the route of their hearts.

Naomi and Barbele (Kompass)

Compass is a complex and exciting project consisting of a mobile application from which people can get access to life-coaching courses, web shop that has the routes (courses), motivational books, postcards, tickets to their events and more. The project includes several websites as well as blogs and web shop. We were really eager to deliver to these ladies a well done product and thus fulfill their mission.

What was your favorite part of working with CodeWell?

Several times the CodeWell team surprised us with their willingness to think out of the box. When we came up with another crazy idea, they immediately started discussing possible ways to get there. This way of thinking in terms of opportunities rather than restrictions is the key to innovative results. Co-working with CodeWell really feels as co-creating, even though we are no developers ourselves.

CodeWell strives towards flexibility in our way of work with our clients and we really get devoted to their idea and try to improve it in every segment possible. We always discuss with our clients every possibility of development to their product and offer them full service from scratch to final product.

Naomi and Barbele in Skopje

What goal did you have in mind prior to CodeWell’s service and what changed afterwards?

We came to Skopje with the idea of automatization of certain parts of our business. The single decision to develop an app for it, opened up a field of opportunities along the way. 7 months later we launched the app, as well as 7 websites.

Indeed, they approached our company with an idea of automatization of their business and came out with the incredible project that is Compass now. We sat down with them and opened for them a door full with possibilities and opportunities of how their business should grow and evolve to gain further success and a better market fit.

Did you had any ‘wow’ moments while working with CodeWell?

The team’s enthusiasm to think ahead, to be creative, to develop and program challenging stuff is the reason we see ourselves cooperating with them on the long term.

How did you feel during your visit to CodeWell’s offices?

Each time we visited CodeWell’s offices they took time for informal connection as well as to sit formally together with all people involved in the project and to discuss the necessary topics. Their hospitality is far reaching and creating mutual trust and a strong working relationship. We even got our ‘own office’ in their office, which we named with pride ‘the designer room’. They took us to some very good restaurants with splendid food and helped us to discover also some great places in Macedonia.

Is there anything you would like to add?

We look forward to the many powerful IT solutions we will co-create with CodeWell.

Finally, we want to express our profound gratitude towards the Compagnon de route team for their kind words that they stated in the interview. We cherish the feedback we get from our clients and strive to improve with every step taken towards their success.

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