Success story


The team consists of five amazing masterminds that came up with this wonderful idea to help people easily get things fixed or people that fix things and need a job. Each of them is a unique wonderful personality that provided maximum productivity and was of great importance during the whole process. Our collaboration with the Qfiks team began way back in March 2015. Our long-term collaboration is based on trust, punctuality and mostly flexibility and we tend to maintain that tradition.

Qfiks team

Qfiks is a mobile app that allows you to post small tasks you need help with, or find jobs you can take on. The platform is used by two types of user groups. Get things fixed or get a fix. With Qfiks you can easily post tasks you need help with or easily find all available jobs that appear on the map. Qfiks leads the employer and employee together on a common platform - easily, quickly and safely.

We asked the Qfiks team a couple of questions regarding our way of work and how they were satisfied from the experience we have provided for them.

What was the thing that left you the greatest impression about CodeWell and the way it works?

What convinced us about CodeWell is the inhouse talent and also in the beginning that it was a startup of young and driven people that were really competent. We talked to several companies, but the only company that understood our needs and sat down with us and planned a process map to make our vision come true was CodeWell. CodeWell was hands on right from the start, and quickly took the challenges we were facing and came up with the right solutions.

We started from fixed schedule and agenda and we proceeded on with flexible and agile workflow. They had a great evolution period of their app to the project that is Qfiks today.


Would you recommend that others work with us, and if so, why?

Absolutely. We recommend CodeWell to all companies that want to work with talented and good programmers. The quality of the work both in Android and iOS is impeccable.

How did you like the evolution process of your app?

CodeWell explained every single process and steps during the making of the app. So as the app was evolving we understood every single process and we were able to work closely with the programmers to understand what the next step would be.

The story with the team started when they found and approached us about developing a dating app called Hi. Planning thoroughly before every start of a project and translating client’s vision into reality is the thing we stick to and the guys liked that way of work. We were successful in accomplishing everything that they needed. Later on the app was also successfully rebranded into Buddle.

Was CodeWell flexible to your needs?

CodeWell was really flexible and always freed their schedule if we had last minute request. They also work hard to always deliver on deadline.

Is there anything you would like to add?

We recommend CodeWell to all companies out there that are looking for professional programmers with excellent skills in the work they do. We believe that we couldn`t have found a better match in a company to partner with and make our product come to real life.

At the end, we are very grateful for all the amazing things the Qfiks team stated about us in the interview. The feedback we get from our clients is a great fuel that keeps us making even better projects and achieving even greater things.

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