We are not getting old, we are getting better

May 20, 2018

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the delights of today, the memories of yesterday and the plans and goals of tomorrow. I would like to start with the incredible memories that we have from the years of work, creation, development, collaborations, successes, joy and laughter in CodeWell. Seven years ago, me and Martin owning two laptops, free office for 3 months and practically no money founded what is known to be CodeWell today. The ambition and love towards the IT technologies led us on the path to success through the years.

Codewell’s first birthday

It all started with me and Martin creating Avtobusko, a solution to the problem of how to get around town with a bus. We believed in the idea and later on we presented Avtobusko at a local scientific conference where we got the attention of the local Yes business incubator. The people from the Yes Incubator realized our potential and helped us start and grow our own company. We wanted to use the knowledge that we gathered from all of the failed attempts in the past and start a new product, thus creating MarkO. We worked very hard on MarkO and at the same time we applied to different accelerator programs from which we chose Rockstart from Amsterdam. The experience from the Rockstart accelerator opened up a whole new perspective for us and we got a glimpse of what was going on in the big leagues. Later on in 2014, MarkO won the Community Award on the Pioneers festival.


We took all that we learned from our 5 years’ experience that we had in coaching, failed products, great pitches and excellent mentors and poured it into Letz.

Letz was the world's first active multi-platform productivity chatbot. Our bot, Lucy, functioned as a virtual assistant. People could set tasks, ask questions, and the bot studied people’s behavior and even sent funny jokes upon request. The successes were coming one after another and that led to the ultimate honoring award. Letz was the first and only EU startup that won the prestigious Product Hunt – product of the year award. We won the award competing side by side with Google, Slack and Product Hunt.


Today, CodeWell is a global IT company that offers IT solutions and services to clients around the globe. We have grown into a full-cycle, mobile software development company and possess 100% acceptance rate of all successfully completed projects. We have been awarded many times for our success and our team is composed of highly trained experts highly experienced in programming, design, marketing and project management.

We possess an awesome workflow of carrying on the development of new brands, working with world known Fortune 500 companies and persisted with our progress seamlessly. We have worked until now with companies located on 6 world continents and we will continue that tendency of constant growth.

CodeWell team

We have great things and novelties planned for the future, some of them being already exposed to you. We rebranded our company, gave it a fresh new look keeping the things that represent us as a brand. We also organized an iOS academy together with Semos Education with the purpose of creating the next successful generation of iOS developers. We have more news coming by the end of this month, and plan to retain this growth tendency that we possess.

Happy CodeWell month!

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